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Isolate email links and attachments

Learn how Email Isolation protects users from email-based attacks

  • 30 min.
  • webinar op aanvraag
  • Sessie op aanvraag. Zelf datum & aanvangstijd aangeven

Beschrijving van de dienst

Try Isolation This will allow you to experience Menlo Security's award-winning Internet Isolation in under 10 minutes. In this session, we will also let see how Internet Isolation eliminates Malware and Ransomware while preserving your original experience. Menlo Security's Internet Isolation opens links from your clicks in an Isolated Browser in our Global Cloud making sure nothing from the website reaches you. Our really awesome technology ensures that you won’t notice this at all. This lets you surf the web exactly like before, but without any of the risk. Email filtering often misses malicious sites because detection-based techniques find it difficult to continuously build defenses against the large number of phishing sites created daily. Yet, while email phishing attacks are highly successful, they are also entirely avoidable. Email Isolation provides organizations with the means they need to protect against this common threat without damaging the end user’s experience. Topics You will Learn: How sophisticated phishing websites threaten networks continuously. What different phishing strategies are employed by bad actors. How Email Isolation is deployed to protect against phishing links. How Email Isolation changes incident response for IT teams



Evert van de Beekstraat 104, Schiphol, Netherlands

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